Customer Experience

We consider processes differently. Lots of large organisations have the resource to do this, and small and medium business have been excluded from being able to utilise this as the cost of a full time Customer Experience Manager is prohibitive. But the process is extremely beneficial for you, probably more than big businesses.
Using a Customer Journey, we consider where your business can maximize customer interactions and grow your business or save money. It's different to traditional process mapping:
  • We start from the customer's point of view, motivations and desired outcomes
  • We include emotion in the design
  • We use a framework and set of guiding principles
The importance of customer experience
The majority of organisations recognise that providing their customers with an excellent experience is a strategic necessity. So you need to make sure your service is delivering results for your business rather than just a cost.
The perception a customer has of their experience with you impacts each of the four ways companies can create sustainable incremental profitability.


More or better quality customers

More than half of customers join a business because of their service reputation.


Your profitable customers for longer

73% of customers say they ended a relationship because of a poor customer experience.


Increase multiple sales and frequency

85% of customers say they would pay up to 25% more to guarantee superior service.

66% of customers state that great service is the biggest driver of increased spending.


Reducing the cost of sales and service

80% of customers who have a bad experience tell others – either warning them or actively trying to stop others buying.

The cost of managing complaints of often higher than the sales income in the first place.

So use our Customer Experience Management to ensure that you're doing the right thing and getting the maximum value from the effort that you're putting in.

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Being on par in terms of price and quality only gets you into the game. Service wins the game.

Tony Allesandra