Strategic Planning

Our strategic planning process is very structured but can easily be tailored to your business.

There are certain critical elements.

  1. Determine where you and your business are now. We consider internal and external information, including your competitors and customers to get an accurate picture of the competitive environment but also an accurate picture of your real business competencies.
  2. Identify what's really important to you. Where do you want to take your business, what are your priorities and goals and what are the critical issues to challenge to make your business the success it can be.
  3. Determine what is to be achieved. Set clear objectives with a manageable plan that focuses on those critical business elements that will make a difference.
  4. Resources. Setting objectives, agree who's accountable and what budget you're going to use to achieve these objectives.
  5. Agree reviews. Reviews at agreed periods can make or break your plan. Make sure you're on track and check whether other opportunities have appeared.

We do this without using jargon, we make it simple for you and get you the best result possible. We may run workshops, facilitate meetings or just talk face to face with you. Whatever suits your business and you.

Because every business is different, prices for creating a strategic framework will be discussed when we know your requirements. These are structured to suit small and medium businesses who don't have the big business budget.

We are challenging and make you think deeply about your business. It's not easy, but it's worth it!


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