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Small and medium businesses often lack the time to or resources to keep focused on the big things when the day to day gets in the way.

You may just need support with seeing the wood from the trees and to develop strategies to grow your business. You may want to utilise new leadership methods like Customer Experience Management, but you haven’t got a budget for full time employees to fulfil all of these things. You may want great copy that will draw in your customers, written in Plain English. Or you may want to develop your employees for the future of your business.

You’re not alone. And that’s where we come in. We provide the core business support services that have previously only been accessible to big businesses with big budgets. We have the experience to help you.

We always work on behalf of YOUR business, it's about what YOU need. Any commissions we earn from advertising for example, come straight back to you - so you can be sure we're advising you on the right thing to do, not just getting you to advertise.


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Strategic Planning

You’re the person that knows what's best for your business. But just sometimes, the day to day prevents you from focusing on the future.

We can help you to rediscover the uniqueness in your business to continue to compete in your industry. We'll research and develop strategies and plans to identify product, marketing and customer opportunities. 

We also help you to identify what to stop, or what not to do – this is sometimes the hardest part of strategy.


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People Management

Choose the right people – from job advertisement writing, role position creation, organisational structures, to supporting you interviewing, shortlisting candidates and induction plans, we can give you as much or as little support as you need to select the right people for your business.

And keep them performing – developing your staff, improving their performance and coaching for success are critical to make sure you can build for the future. People development and performance management are our speciality, whether it’s just helping you through the process or providing the coaching, mentoring, development or improvement plans for individuals.


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Customer Experience

Usually the domain of just big businesses, using Customer Experience Management processes and Customer Journeys, we will look at every customer interaction with your business and identify improvements that you could make to maximise their satisfaction, and in turn, your profits.

We will give you feedback from the customer’s shoes in the form of a customer journey. Often this results in saving the business money, as long-winded, unnecessary or ineffective processes can be identified and eradicated using this method. We'll also look for other opportunities for you within the process.


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Unlike marketing agencies, we work on behalf of your business, like an employee, to look at what's best for the business. We don't work for commission based on how much you're advertising – but treat your budget like we would our own.

Have you invested time and money in getting your website up and running? Don't have time to think of new content or administer it? Don't leave it to chance. Core can come and help you with content as well as keeping it up to date.

Need support with customer communications, letters, advertising or internal marketing? With more than 20 years' marketing experience we can help you to do this.


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